Things Need to Change

My apologies for this hastily written post. My initial goal in launching this blog was a place to work my writing chops. I clearly need it. But with everything going on after the senseless and horrific murder of George Floyd my priorities have changed. If you’re a white person and the COVID-19 situation hasn’t left you wondering where your next meal is coming from or where you’re going to spend the night please seize this opportunity to change yours as well.

This is directed to all white people, regardless of religious or political affiliation: we are part of the problem. We can no longer rest on the privilege that the color of our skin has afforded us. Until people of color in the United States of America are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve none of us are free.

To wash the blood off our hands born of our nation’s “original sin” requires reflection on how we as individuals are contributing to a racist and corrupt system.

I’m no innocent in this either. Over the years I’ve come to realize that where I’m at isn’t due to something special about me, but that I, as a white american was born halfway up the ladder that people of color are barely allowed to hold on to.

It’s up to me, and you as a white person, to really reflect on our role in the current state of affairs. Whether it’s through the active subjugation of people of color or just our silence and complaisance.


Over the past few days I’ve been compiling resources for myself. I figured I’d share. To be clear: I’m not even close to an expert in these matters. But we all have to start somewhere.

This isn’t even close to an exhaustive list and I’ll update when I can. Again, I’m not an expert in this and if you’re computer savvy you’ll be able to find plenty of resources. But if you’re not, or you’re time crunched, please start here and help.


White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide by Carol Anderson

Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad


NAACP ( donate link in the header )

Know Your Rights Camp ( Colin Kaepernick affiliated )